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2022-2023 Kilgore College Catalog 
2022-2023 Kilgore College Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


Prior to registration, the student must meet the appropriate admissions requirements explained in the section “Admissions ”. Students must also resolve any holds that block registration. Registration for classes is necessary for every semester of attendance at KC. Official days of advisement and registration periods are specified in the “Official College Calendar”. Consult the KC website for classes offered and registration information. Registration is complete when the student receives a validated receipt from the Business Office. Additional information regarding registration is available from the Office of Admissions and Registrar at (903) 983-8606 or online at www.kilgore.edu.

Importance of Submitting Correct Data

Students are required to verify the accuracy of all personal data in registration materials. The college assumes no responsibility for students’ credits when students use different names or variations of names during registration.

Types of Registration

Web Registration

Kilgore College provides web registration to eligible students via the AccessKC web portal (https://accesskc.kilgore.edu/ics). See the online Registration Guide for eligibility requirements and web registration details. Students enrolling for the first time, students on academic probation, students with any type of hold, dual credit students, and students with developmental requirements may not web register. Transfer students who have no developmental requirements may web register. Certain academic programs may require face-to-face registration.

Current, returning, and new students are encouraged to register for classes as early as possible. See the online Registration Guide for details. Registering early offers:

  • Largest selection of course sections and available times.
  • Tuition and fee payment deferral to a later deadline.

Final Registration

  • Scheduled the week prior to the start of classes.
  • See online Registration Guide for registration information, times and dates.

Registration for Continuing Education

Community members wanting noncredit course enrollment information may contact

  • Office of Continuing Education, Kilgore (903) 983-8661 or
  • Office of Continuing Education, KC - Longview (903) 983-8281 or (903) 753-2642.

Adding Courses/Changing Schedules

  • Add/change course through the first two class days of spring/fall semesters - includes first night of a class and first day of summer terms (see dates in the online Registration Guide).
  • Additional tuition/fees are due when the schedule is changed.